Exchange the best COVID-19 hacks with other doctors on the frontlines.

Pandemos is a secure, physician-only platform where healthcare providers from around the world can share and access valuable pandemic-fighting tips in real time.

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The problem:

Doctors are drowning in disorganized information.

Doctors are overwhelmed by massive volumes of disorganized information and lack the tools they need to effectively combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

150-200 COVID emails per day
600+ COVID messages per day

Keeping up with the newest and best information has become a full time job unto itself.

The solution:

A physician-only platform to share and access practical-medical information from anywhere.

With the help of machine learning, the best and most actionable information in the world is instantly aggregated, assessed, and delivered to the frontlines.

Real-time Insights

Get the latest COVID-specific tips right from your phone — advice about tracking or how to get resourceful with PPE.

Discovered something on your shift that could help others? Share it in pandemos so your peers can put it to work themselves.

Actionable Hacks

From using baby monitors to combat poor hospital WiFi to engineering a respirator from anesthesia equipment.

The best, most actionable crowdsourced tips​ rise to the top in bite-sized summaries that can be read in two minutes and applied on your next shift.

Organized Information

No need to scroll through a mountain of information across platforms. Pandemos summarizes trending tips and surfaces the most impactful hack of the day.

Our content is short and searchable by topic, so you can find exactly what you need when you need it.

Global Community

Our peers are learning how to fight COVID-19 at different stages, across borders.

Connect and collaborate with other physicians around the world on a single platform.

Our team & partners

We’re a global team of physicians, health tech experts, Google developers, and creatives bringing experience from companies like Apple, Cisco, GM, Coca-Cola, Cadillac, and Squarespace.

Andrew Cameron, MD
Andrew is an Emergency Medicine Resident in the FRCP program at the University of Toronto.

On the side, he is a clinical consultant for a Toronto-based healthtech company, and is the founder of a healthtech consultancy (FEEDback prn).
Tommaso D’Ovidio, MSc
Tommaso manages the flagship product at a Toronto-based healthtech company.

His experience includes product lifecycle management, user-centric design, and research methodology.
Martin Persaud, CA, CPA, CFA (III)
Martin leads the Business Development effort at a Toronto-based healthtech company, focusing on corporate development and international partnerships.

His experience includes four years at Deloitte LLP, focusing on fund management and Deloitte LLP’s National AI strategy.

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How can you get involved?

Pandemos is only as strong as our community. The credibility and usability of the app relies on valuable input from physicians like you.

We’re learning more every day and encourage you to reach out and let us know how we can improve.

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